What are Jigs and why do I need them?

Posted by Matthew James on

What is a “jig”?

A jig is a simple template which provides foolproof, accurate and consistent results when performing repetitive tasks.

Why do I need jigs?

Take the PerfectPanel Jig, this ensures your kitchen decor panels all have exactly the same overhang. This is something that is impossible to achieve without a jig. Yes, of course you can use a set square, or a tape measure, but neither of these methods are as quick or accurate as the PerfectPanel Jig. And neither of these methods will provide consistent results time and time again.

Some might say the PerfectPanel Jig can be replicated by a few simple oFfx cuts. Again, yes it can, but these offcuts don’t tend to last long, they get accidentally thrown away, or lost. When you have invest time and money on tools, you tend to look after them, and the same can be said for jigs.

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