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Who are Blum?

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Blum are the leading manufacturer of kitchen and bedroom hardware including hinges, drawer runners, lift mechanisms, drawer boxes and more.

Any kitchen fitter or joiner worth their salt has used or heard of Blum.

Along with the great hardware they manufacture, Blum also produce some top quality jigs for fitting their hardware.

We have picked a few of our favourite Blum jigs and explained what they’re used for.

1) Blum Mounting Plate Jig

Drilling Template for Mounting Plates

This Jig is very simple, but very effective and accurate.

It is used for drilling the 5mm holes required for Blum Hinge Mounting Plates.

To use it, simply draw your centre line and place jig against front of the cabinet, with centre line running through middle of jig. Then drill through the steel-edged hole with your 5mm bit. Flip the jig over so the steel lug now sits in your 5mm hole, then drill through the steel-edges hole again. You now have 2 holes perfectly spaced for your hinge mounting plate.

2) Blum Ecodrill

Blum Ecodrill

If you’re drilling 35mm concealed hinge holes on a regular basis, then the Blum Ecodrill is a must have tool in your arsenal.

Usage is so simple, place it over the edge of your door with centre line running down centre of jig. Push orange lever down on each side to clamp the jig. Use your drill with included torx bit to turn the integrated drill bits and drill your perfect 35mm hole. It will also allow you to drill the 2 holes for the hinge screws, ensuring your hinge sits square to the door every time.

3) Universal Drilling Template

Blum Universal Drilling Template

This Jig can be used for many things. However, our favourite usage is for drawer fronts.

For marking the positions for drawer fronts, this jig is perfect.

Usage is again, quite easy. Set the sliding top marker to your required distance from the edge of the drawer front, and the sliding side markers to the required distance from the edge (usually 32mm). Then using the supplied centre punch, place it in the 2 holes and tap with a hammer.

If your drawer has gallery rails, drill through the higher hole with a 10mm drill bit with supplied stop ring fitted.

You now have your markings for the drawer front brackets, and large 10mm hole for the gallery rail.

These, and many more jigs and assembly devices are available to purchase from the Blum Online Shop.

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