Mafell MT55CC and MT55 18M BL Plunge Saw to Festool MIDI Extractor 27mm Hose Locking Adaptor

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This is an adaptor to connect the Mafell MT55CC and MT55 18M BL Plunge Saw to a Festool Extractor with 27mm hose. Whilst the Festool Extractor hose does fit the factory port on these saws, it is easy for the hose to fall out.

This replacement adaptor features a twist and lock connection for the Festool 27mm hose to stop it coming out and is angled to prevent it catching on your workpiece.

This part is designed to completely replace the existing port on the saw. To replace it, simply open the side casing of the saw as if you were changing the blade. Using a Torx 20 bit, undo the little catch holding the existing black port in place. Remove the O-ring from the existing black port and place it on the new adaptor.

This is 3D printed, and as such printed lines and markings may be visible in the finished product, but these do not affect the functionality or performance.

Only the adaptor is included, does not include saw, extractor or other items.

O-ring is not included and must be taken from the existing dust port on your saw