79mm Hole Cover Tidy for Dishwasher/Washing Machine

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This is designed to fit into and cover a 79mm hole often drilled in kitchen cabinet carcasses and has 3 holes within it to house 1 water feed hose, 1 waste hose and one electrical cable for a washing machine or dishwasher.

The holes for the water feed and waste pipes are 25mm in diameter and the hole for the electrical cable is 5mm in diameter. Please check your dishwasher or washing machine hoses for size before purchasing.

This product is friction fit, and as such it is essential that the hole saw used is sharp, and drilled true to the cabinet base/back/side to ensure a tight fit.

This product is 3D printed, and as such, printed lines will be visible on the finished product. The top surface is smooth, so these lines are not seen once installed.